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Dedicated to Enhancing Our Value

Through a range of services and solutions.

We know you have options, so we’re going to make it tough not to pick us.

Unparalleled service. Quick response time. A team devoted to your success. Bottom line: We make it our mission to be your best option. Built on a foundation of faith, we stand apart from other firms in ways that make us proud, as well as our clients happy.

What Sets Us Apart

Behavioral Financial Counseling

We firmly believe that behavior plays a major role in a person’s overall financial success. As a behavioral financial counseling firm, our team is 100 percent committed to helping you make sense of your financial life. Call us financial therapists. Call us financial life coaches. Either way, we are here to help guide you on a path to financial success.


As a fee-based fiduciary, our team has taken an oath to provide financial advice and guidance that is in the best interest of our clients — no matter what. That means no selling, no kick-back, and absolutely no secrecy. We care about your current financial life, and we care even more about which direction it's headed.

No Pre-Set Minimums    

We aren’t sure who decided that financial planning services should be reserved for the wealthy, but we are here to say otherwise. Quo Vadis has no pre-set minimum asset amounts, which means that regardless of how full your piggy bank happens to be, we will help you add to it.

Comprehensive Support    

Whether you’re planning for your retirement or saving for your daughter's college fund, we’re proud to offer comprehensive financial support. Our clients enjoy access to our founder, Andy, outside of regular business hours. If you are at a car dealership on a Saturday evening and need advice, he is just a phone call away.

Let’s Get Started