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We guide coachable people along their journey toward the financial future they desire.

Begin Your Journey

We deliver steadfast financial guidance infused with biblical insight to people navigating an unpredictable world.

Because good financial advice begins with a plan and following the advice is a lifelong journey, we must know where a client is headed to best help them on that path.

Asking about your journey is so important to us that we named our company after that question. In John 13:36, Peter asked Jesus, Domine quo vadis? or "Lord, where are you going?" And so, we also ask you, Quo Vadis?

We'll help you get there.

Begin Your Journey

Our Guiding Principles

  • We move clients from where they are toward where they want to be by giving the information and understanding they need to make wise decisions. We  encourage and support them while they translate the information into action.
  • We take the complex and simplify it so clients can make better decisions and live with less stress, content and confident in their futures. We collaborate with clients to create a plan that becomes the lens through which they look before they make a financial decision.
  • We recognize everything we have is a gift from God, entrusted to our care. We steward our relationships with clients in humility to inspire them to act in ways we believe bring them the most benefit.


We're passionate about helping you achieve your financial goals.

Andy Pike, CLU®, CKA® Photo
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Andy Pike, CLU®, CKA®


Andy Pike, CLU®, CKA®

Founder & CEO | Financial Advisor

I joined the United States Air Force in 1977, hoping I'd figure out what I really wanted to do with my life. As I progressed through the ranks and moved to different bases and countries, there was always one person, at each assignment, that I could pinpoint as a mentor and guide. These people took a genuine interest in me and it impacted me in so many ways. From them, I learned the qualities of a good leader and began to develop my passion for helping others.

I continued to grow as a leader and mentor for others throughout my 26-year Air Force career. As I prepared for military retirement in 2003, I decided to join a financial planning firm and figured that I'd be able to continue coaching and mentoring clients as if they were "my troops."

As time went on, I came to realize that the financial services industry, in general, doesn't really focus on what's best for clients as much as I wanted to and as much as they deserve. It became clear that going the independent route was the only way I could build the firm solely focused on the client's best interests that I truly wanted. Quo Vadis Financial Management was born out of a passion for having deep, meaningful relationships with clients that focus more on the relationship than on the financial element.

In 2007, I was called by God to begin learning and teaching His guiding principles relating to finances. Since then, I’ve focused on teaching various biblically-based financial classes in my local area. Certain of my path in life, I feel connected to my role at Quo Vadis, which I enjoy so extensively, I shy away from labeling it as a job. Unable to imagine a career outside of financial advising, I have no plans to slow down or retire anytime soon.


Caleb Allen Photo
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Caleb Allen


Caleb Allen

FINANCIAL ADVISOR & Ramsey Master Financial Coach

Caleb first offered financial coaching to Marines and Sailors on deployment with him in 2016, and he has led Financial Peace University at least once each year since. During the pandemic, he completed the Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Training and began offering financial coaching professionally outside his active duty officer duties. He transferred from active duty to the Marine Corps Reserves to dedicate even more time to serving people in the area of personal finance.

Born into a missionary family with a military history, Caleb strives to live up to the example his parents provided by honoring God in everything and by serving and teaching others. Caleb and his wife Robin have three beautiful daughters and enjoy hiking, camping, and reading together.


Robin Allen Photo

Robin Allen

Operations Manager
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Angie Kellar

Contact Specialist
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Tanya Miguel

Admin Clerk
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Greg Williams

Director of Operations